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***If you would like to order locally, please email or call me and do not order through the site so not to pay shipping. Both my email and cell number are listed on the bottom of this page. I will deliver free of charge, within a reasonable distance.

Also, I do custom orders so please contact me for information.Call me as I may not have what you are looking for on my website.

Thank you so much! Valerie :)


Artisan handcrafted soaps and wonderfully scented Candles handcrafted in Palm Coast, Florida!

I make soap the good old fashioned way by using thecold process method.

I also make wonderful glycerin soap creations!

Only the best ingredients go into my soap. I use only food grade oils such as olive, palm, coconut,  castor,  exotic butters like cocoa, mango, and shea butter to handcraft my soap!

You will also see some soap offerings with herbs and infused oils. Liquids include water, milk and puree's. All soaps have a full ingredients list.

My soaps are known for being Artistic, colorful and scented, yet gentle to your skin with wonderful lather!  I offer soap cakes, soap cupcakes, textured, piped, floral, and also simple and unscented. :)

No detergents, or petroleum products.  Just wonderful, high quality soap.  My soaps are loved by men and women, young and old!  Kids love them too as I also carry adorable cupcake soaps and fish pond soaps!

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or custom orders.

I also Wholesale and Private Label!




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